[TUTORIAL] How to install Softcam Startup on TEAMBLUE

Here is a tutorial on the installation of SOFTCAM STARTUP on GIGABLUE decoder under a Teamblue image.

For this tutorial you need.


GiGaBlue HD800 Solo
GiGaBlue HD800 SE
GiGaBlue HD800 UE
GiGaBlue HD800 SE Plus
GiGaBlue HD800 UE Plus
GiGaBlue HD Ultra UE
GiGaBlue HD X1
GiGaBlue HD X3
GiGaBlue HD X3.H
GiGaBlue HD Quad
GiGaBlue HD Quad Plus
GiGaBlue UHD Quad 4K
GiGaBlue UHD UE 4K




Select Plugins

Press GREEN BUTTON to Download Plugins

Select Systemplugins

choose softcamstartup and press OK

Select YES to confirm

please wait until installation end, next exit


choose softcam Startup

Softcam is empty because we don’t have any softcam installed in our case like OSCAM,CCCAM, NCAM,…