[TUTO] How to record IPTV channel

Here is a tutorial explan how to rocord IPTV channel on the ENIGMA2 set-box under a ENIGIGNA2 image like (OpenPLi, OpenATV,…) and X-STREAMITY plugin.

For this tutorial you need.


ALL receivers using ENIGMA2 image like, OpenATV, VTI, BlackHole,VTi, OpenPLi,OpenNFR,OpenVision, OpenSPA, OpenESI, TeamBlue, OpenEight, OpenPLus, OpenVix, Hyperion, OpenHDF, DreamElite, GEMINI, Newnigma2, Merlin4,…etc

recivers like
Vu+, dreambox, Gigablue, Octagon, ZGEMMA,… with HARD DRIVE or with USB STICK


PLUGIN X-STREAMITY version 3.52 or newer later version


IPTV- XTREAM CODE subscription

If you do not have a subscription you can order it here

first you need to install X-STREAMITY PLUGIN on your ENIGMA2 receiver and add playlist.


please folow this tutorial: https://www.enigma2.net/tutorial-how-to-add-iptv-playlist-to-x-streamity/


launch X-streamity from MENU

choose playlits

start your IPTV subscription

If you do not have a subscription you can order it here

live streams

Choose any package from your PLAYLIST, in our case we will choose UK MOVIES


Test done, channel work fine

Now press RED BUTTON on your REMOTE CONTROL to start recording.

Edit the the name of the file or keep it

choose the end time, when the record will stop.

done, record started 🙂

After you will find recording files in your HARD DRIVE /media folder

record with succesm, you can reply now your favorite program.