[TUTO] How To flash/update Zgemma H7x series

1) Download a latest release version of your chosen (favourite) firmware image directly from the developers website.

2) When the file has downloaded and been saved to your computer unzip it.

You will then have a file named [zgemma]. (Inside that folder you should have another folder named [H7] ).

a) Copy the full folder named [zgemma] to a freshly formatted (FAT32) USB key.

3) Turn off your H7 receiver with the white button at the rear next to power input.

4) Plug in your USB key with the zgemma folder on it (any USB port should be OK).

5) Behind the front flap (door panel) you will see a small button to the top left hand side.

Hold this button down (push in) whilst turning on the rear white power push button.

Keep the front button pushed in and on the front LCD panel you will see the display change from BOOT> USB> FLASH.

When FLASH is displayed you can remove your finger from the from button.

The receiver will now remain displaying FLASH (approx 2minutes) whilst the new firmware is loaded onto your receiver.

6) The box will then restart itself showing BOOT on the front screen. [00>100]

7) You should then see your new firmware installed on the TV screen and the installation wizard will run you through the set-up process.

Special note – If you save your settings to your internal harddisk (HDD), if one is fitted, you will get the option to import your previous settings and bouquets which is a feature that I have not seen/used on previous versions of Zgemma receivers.