[TUTO] How to flash the AX HD61 with USB

User will require a USB stick formatted FAT32.

1) Download your chosen image.

2) Transfer the complete zip file to root of the USB stick. Do not unzip the file.

3) Power off the AX HD61 and connect the USB stick front USB port behind front flap.

4) Power on the AX HD61, as soon as you power on HOLD DOWN TOP LEFT POWER BUTTON OR OK button on the remote.

5) Once you’re booted into the Multiboot recovery menu screen below select ‘Bootmenu’ at the bottom and press OK on the remote.

6) On the next screen select ‘Flash local image’ and press OK on the remote.

7) On the next screen you select the USB stick where your image zip file is located.

8) On the next screen you’ll then select the zip file that’s on your USB stick that you’d like to flash and press OK on the remote.

9) You’ll now select which slot you’d like to flash your image to. Remember which slot you are currently booting from and have setup. Flashing to that slot
WILL REFLASH that slot, you will loose everything you have setup in that slot. We have setup OpenViX in Slot 1, for this guide we are re-flashing OpenViX in slot 1, OpenATV is in slot 2 and we have another image already flashed to slot 3. Select Slot 1 and press ok on the remote.

10) Once completed you can select which image you’d like to boot into and press ok on the remote.