[SKIN] Premium-FHD v2.4

New skin

Premium v2.4


*The skin supports many images , in this initial version it will works with images based on oe-alliance , in the next version it will supports openpli based images , the difference is the new skin updates from oe-alliance team .

*The skin depends on old weather plugin , so it must be installed from the feed .

*The skin depends on PosterX render and Xtraevent plugin for showing posters .

*Tested on these images :

Openatv 7.3

Openatv 7.4

Openbh 5.3

Egami 10.4 R8

Openvix 6.4

*For openpli , wait for the next update .

This version is tar.gz file


Premium-FHD v2.4

Premium-FHD-Black V2.4

Premium-FHD-Blue v2.4