[PLUGIN] X Klass – Xtream Codes IPTV Player v1.02


lugin is for playing official Xtream Codes/XUI ONE IPTV playlists.
This plugin is a rework of my XStreamity plugin but with all new layout and new side menu accessible by the “Menu” button.
This plugin does not play other playlists or m3u playlists.

I work non stop on my plugins. It’s hard work. If you like my work and you want me to continue, you can always show your appreciation by buying me a beer.

Do not post personal MOD code in this thread, including different functionality, different skins etc. It confuses me, it confuses users.
Also we test most code on multiple images and boxes. Modifications might work on your setup, but may crash other peoples.
Start a new thread if need be quoting it is a mod and what images/box it is has been tested on.

XKlass should be compatible with all images and boxes.

OpenATV, OpenPLi, OpenVIX, OpenSPA, VTI, OpenBlackHole, OpenSPA, Dreamelite,Newnigma2, oozoon…etc


XKlass is available in lots of image feeds under plugins / download plugins / extensions. The 100% latest version can always be found on post 1 of this thread.

Feeds are sometimes a little behind. (note this is a brand new plugin – feeds will catchup)

openpli 8.3+ / openpli 9 please install from plugin feeds first to load required dependencies. (Xstreamity plugin in feeds will also load the dependencies)

Then you can load the latest from this forum over the top.

How to manually install .ipk on OE-Alliance images via telnet
To manually install, copy ipk to tmp folder

then telnet/ putty

opkg install /tmp/*.ipk

How to manually install .deb on DreamOS via telnet

To manually install, copy ipk to tmp folder

then telnet/ putty
dpkg -i /tmp/*.deb

apt-get update

apt-get install -f

press Y key to finish installation when asked




If you do not have a I.P.TV subscription for X-KLASS you can order it here