[PLUGIN] OpenAir (Airplay) Enigma2

hi, After a not participate in the “original” Airplayer plugin so devoid of actual source code is really possible, I’ve decided to build its own version. I summarize just briefly summarize the main points: Video and pictures (preferably double twist) NO audio with Apple’s devices, with Android and audio Jump & progress indicator (thanks to the XMBC project) (hopefully) compatible with all versions of IOS with iTunes AirPlay and tested primarily with iTunes and its own lack of DoubleTwist for Android device i * with Buggarantie: p You can set the buffer size in the plugin menu when you want, at low speed network connections can help it. To make it work properly a new version (after the 1.03.) Of the Bonjour plugin is required. If not used, the whole thing works only with old IOS versions and iTunes. Source is in the ipk, under the license of the original Pascal Airplayers Widdershoven the license accordingly.