MyEPG – Extension to the VTi Standard EPG

WeFraJo wrote

I have not been happy with any of the EPG variants offered here, so I have created my own EPG (MyEPG) in recent weeks and would like to make that available here.
The basis is the VTI standard EPG. Integrated are the program description, Single- and Multi-EPG as well as EPGSearch (program search).
Central point of the changes is that one can call the others from each of the listed EPG modules and changes in the selection (station and/or time) are kept when changing to another module. This is also true if you exit EPG completely and then call Single or Multi EPG again, as long as you don’t switch to another channel or a (adjustable) time has passed.

The installation is done in two steps:
1) Copy attached IPK to the box, install via ‘VTI – VTI Panel – Manual installation of packages’ and perform a GUI restart.
2) In ‘VTI – VTI Panel – Extensions’ call ‘MyEPG (Setup)’ and at ‘Select EPG version’: select ‘Install MyEPG’, save with GREEN and exit with RED. A GUI restart will be executed automatically.

In the extensions of the VTI panel some settings can be made at ‘MyEPG (Setup)’ and ‘MyEPGSearch (Setup)’. Set the desired parameters here.
The individual components should then be placed on the desired buttons using MultiQuickButton.
I use: Control-cross-up (UP) for Multi-EPG, Control-cross-down (DOWN) for Single-EPG and EPG (Info) for the program description (the latter can also be set in the VTI settings).
For direct switching between Multi and Single EPG the AUDIO button is fixed.
During the installation step 2) skinparts for the currently used skin are also installed (and if not changed in the settings also activated). In principle, these should work with all skins that have a Pro setting. Adjustments to the style of the used skin I can not provide. In all skins the possible keys are listed and their purpose (interactive) is described. Adaptations of the keys are possible in the keymap.xml in the directory MyEPG, but then the skin must be adapted accordingly.
Changes to the list content are only possible within the limits of what the standard EPG allows.
An extended description is included in the attached TXT file.
MyEPG allows peaceful coexistence with AEL, but not in combination (i.e. AEL’s list form is not possible with MyEPG’s functions). MyEPG calls its functions via a modified and If AEL (or other programs) use the same way of calling EPG, you may have to change this (e.g. using MultiQickButton).