[IMAGE] EGAMI 10.2 for Vu+ SOLO 4K

– Welcome to EGAMI 10.2 – R1 –


Please EGAMI 10.2 are based flash, openmultiboot, EGAMI boot, flash online.
No tested other boot.

EGAMI 10.2 R1 includes all EGAMI and OE-A 5.1 news.
[OEA-5.1] – Last Updates.
[EGAMI] – Last Updates.
[EGAMI] – Added more settings.
[EGAMI] – Update it.po.
[EGAMI] – Fix the skins (oDreamy, C-oDreamy, oDreamy-Mini, C-oDreamy-Mini)
[Timeline] – Full-Timeline / EGAMI News / info.
[Enigma2] – Last Updates and drivers.
[OE-A-Plugins] – Last Updates.


Please feedback forum!!

— Please feedback bad and good opinions will fix all issues.
— EGAMI Team love bad feedback so will make us work hard on it and do the best.


— Note: Recommend using the USB version.
— Download Zip Verion – feedback forum.
— EGAMI 10.2 are required install USB/ZIP R01 looking stable we have worked