[SKIN] Revolution Pro

Skin Revolution Pro v 1.8 full OpenATV, OpenBh, OpenPLi & OpenSPA

Skin Revolution Pro V 1.5 Full (OpenAtv)

Skin Revolution Pro V1.0 (OpenBH 5.1) poster-backdrop

Skin Revolution Pro V 1.0 (Openspa 8.0)

Skin Revolution Pro (Openpli 8.3)

Thank you very much :winking face: :smiling face with sunglasses:

Telnet command to install OpenPLi version of the skin tar -xzvf /tmp/*.tar.gz -C /

hello amiki I present to you a nice skin on a base (ozeta) of the amiko MMark … compatible with all versions of atv …

and in addition to the pro function, activate it .. where you can change screens … infobar, secondinfobar, channelist …

the skin requires the use of an external memory type usb / hdd to download the posters / backdrop …

in version 1.2 the plugin was added to modify the skin directly with easy access to the pro mods …

insert new icons in the weather plugin plus transparent weather infobar other small fixes