[PLUGIN] Bootvideo B.P for DreamOS ( OE2.5 )

Plugin Bootvideo B.P for DreamOS ( OE2.5 )


A note to all Dreamboxbestitzer who prefer a fast booting box.

This plugin is used to display a small video when booting, which of course will delay the boot process.

However, if you are into small animations during the boot process, you can easily display them with the plugin.

The idea is not new, and already existed for VTi and openATV.


is very easy. You copy the deb to / tmp and install it via offline installation via the software administration,

or via the console with the command dpkg -i /tmp/*.deb.

Location of the boot video

The boot video is saved to usr / share under the name bootvideo.mp4.

exchange the boot video

If you want to replace the default boot video with another boot video, copy your favorite boat video just for

/ usr / share under the name bootvideo.mp4, done.

you can create your own small videos in mp4 format

Thanks @Hilfsbereit

version 0.3-r3