[PLUGIN] Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Dream

This plugin allows you to use Amazon Prime on a Dreambox One or just to browse, as this plugin works without access data.

No other VOD plugin needs to be installed for this.

The actual VOD plugin is already included in this plugin, so the access data is also entered in Amazon Prime Dream.

In advance, you can also install and continue to use the actual VOD plugin and the GP4 GUI Amazon Prime plugin.

Amazon Prime Dream also uses its own Amazon cookie, so all plugins can run in parallel.

Home with mixed entries and then only with prime entries

Here you have the option in this plugin to only show the Prime entries, this then affects the whole plugin.

You can select this in the menu bar on the top right.

If the prime is highlighted in gray, the prime filter is deactivated, as soon as you have selected the prime filter, the prime is highlighted in blue.

A small Prime Icon is also shown in the cover if it is Prime content.

Here without Prime then with Prime Filter

The search for a series film starts automatically as soon as you have made an entry or you have edited the entry.

Here is a picture of the movie screen and season / episode screen

I created this plugin without its own season screen, all available seasons are always displayed the same.

So you can always quickly choose another season.

As soon as you press the right arrow key for the last episode, the next season is automatically selected.

You reach the genre screen if you press the left arrow key when you first enter a list.

This also adjusts when you have selected the prime filter.

There are different covers in the plugin, series have a landscape cover and films have a portrait cover, so you can see

in the case of mixed entries no matter what it is.

The plug-in is only controlled with the arrow keys and OK / Menu and Exit key.

The exit button has several functions:

– If you have not selected the first entry in a list, you can return to the first entry with the Exit button.

– If you press the Exit button again, the menu bar opens.

– When you press the Exit button again, the plugin is ended.

The colored buttons only have a function when entering the password and mail.

I did not revise the chapter entry, like the security question, here the one from the VOD plugin is used.

Had to do both variations myself, there were no problems here.

Although the SMS function did not work for me, but the mail function worked.

Note login:

No access data is saved, you must always enter the access data in the settings if you exchange the access data or you use the logout function.

You can always correct the entered login data as long as you stay in the settings.

Your input will be shown on the right of the screen, so you can always check this before you press log in.

If you enter the password or your email incorrectly, an error message will appear when you try to log in.

Then you can correct this and press Login again.

To do list:

– Get progress for the episodes from Amazon


There are no more deb files to install the plugin, the plugin is now only installed via the console, is also online updatable when a new version is due.

Thx Lizard who made it possible.

wget http://amazonprimedream.bpdl2.mine.nu/dreamos-installer.sh -O – | /bin/sh


After installation via the wget installer, the plugin can also be updated and can then also be updated via the software update.

As you can see in the pictures, the original app served as a sample.

So far, this plugin has only been tested in a small group, so problems can still arise

Version 1.1.3

– Keyboard input fix

Version 1.1.2

– JustWatch connection added

Version 1.0.9

– Added two-step verification (2SV) from Amazon

Version 1.0.8

– Login revised

– Watchlist add / remove added

Version 1.0.6

– Player Gui added

– Watchlist query revised

– Various skin bugs fixed