[TUTORIAL] Install internal HDD-SSD in Mutant HD66 SE

How to install SSD drive on your Mutant HD66 SE

Goals :

Connect and install an internal HDD drive on your Mutant HD66 SE.

1 Requirements:

A certain number of prerequisites are necessary before starting:

– Mutant HD66 SE

– Internal SSD or HDD drive (2.5)  120 GB or any other seize 1 TB or 2 TB

IMPORTANT: for better performance we recommend to use SSD drive.

Fichier:SSD vs HDD.jpg — Wikipédia

– Philips screwdriver

– 4X Screw 3.5

2. Connecting the HDD to its DREAMBOX:

Connect your SSD drive to your DREAMBOX using the SATA port .


The enigma2 Mutant HD66 SE receiver allows the installation of a 2.5-inch compatible internal hard drive through a slot on the removable back , in this article we will see how to do it.

step 1:  To install removable internal hard drive the receiver on the back has a slot:

Step 2: To remove the casing, we simply extract by pulling towards us and remove the support completely

Step 3:  Now we house our hard drive (2.5 inches in the case that we have removed as follows)

Next we introduce the hard disk, the receiver has screws in case we want to anchor it

Once done, we put it back in the slot of the receiver.

Step 4:  Now if we want to format the inserted hard drive, we access the image that we have set to the hard drive option and click on initialization

3. Initialization of the SSD-HDD Drive (OpenATV IMAGE)



Storage Devices


Choose your SSD

press RED BUTTON to initialize HDD-SSD

Press YES to cinfirm

be patient this operation will take some time



Now you can record any channel or use TimeShift.