[IMAGES] SatLodge 1.3 for Dreambox ONE

Enigma2: 4.5.0r2

– front processer update
– faster processing for remote control passthrough via CEC
– faster audio stop processing (little bit faster service changes)
– lot changes for python3 compatibility
– fixed creation of SC/AP files for recordings of scrambled services
– let eMediaScanner do background metadata updates for recordings
– better mediadatabase integration to prevent harddisc wakeup on show list of recordings
– ServiceStream:
– implement adaptive streaming, starting with the worst quality for DASH content


– fixed skipping forward/backward for DASH/HLS content (broken since migration to ServiceStream)
– added support for replay function for “Das Erste” services
(accessible via blue button … hbbtv services … replay)
– skin_default_1080: use darker grey for “foregroundColorServiceNotAvail” in service list (now equals default skin)
 it is the image you been wait forremember this image although work very well work still in progress pleas test and tell as of any bug how we can improve it