[IMAGE] SatDreamGR 8.0 for Vuplus

Experimental SatDreamGr 8 (OE ver 3.0 Codename ZEUS) Images

vusolo4k vuultimo4k vuuno4k vuuno4kse vuzero4k vuduo4k vuultimo vuduo2 vusolo2 vusolose vuzero* Zeus OpenEmbedded
* OpenPLi Enigma2 (develop branch)
* Kodi 18 (sources from OE-A)
* Webkit hbbtv support
* New bootlogo & radio (many thanks to oktus)

– Edision changes to arm 4K models
* New kernel (5.5.9)
* Webkit hbbtv added
* Lower ram usage
* Arm receivers are working now to 32bit , which allows compatibility with more addons and plugins

– Octagon updates from PLi
* Latest changes from octagon to support PLi

– VU+
* Duo4K image

– Mutant
* Latest changes from PLi