[TUTO] How to install HDD-SSD drive on your Vu + UNO 4K SE

How to install SSD drive on your Vu + DUO 4K SE

Goals :

Connect and install an internal HDD drive on your Vu+ UNO 4K SE.

1 Requirements:

A certain number of prerequisites are necessary before starting:

– Vu+ UNO 4K SE

– Internal SSD or HDD drive (2.5)  120 GB or any other seize 1 TB or 2 TB

IMPORTANT: for better performance we recommend to use SSD drive.

Fichier:SSD vs HDD.jpg — Wikipédia

– Philips screwdriver

– 4X Screw 3.5

2. Connecting the HDD to its Vu +:

Connect your SSD drive to your VU + using the SATA port .


3. Initialization of the SSD-HDD Drive (VTI IMAGE)





choose your hard drive and press OK

Press YELLOW button

Choose one partition or Two as you like

Select YES to confirm

be patient this operation will take some time


Now you can record any channel or use TimeShift.