[SKIN] DesertFHD

 The skin contains gradual additions and changes colors & depend on both xtraevent at first and poster-x as second

The default skin (Desert FHD) inspired by the golden color of the desert sands — the other skins can be accessed through TeamNitro plugin

ღ (Blue Navy)ღ Inspired by the colors of the navy uniform, with a gradient and a mixture of blue

ღ (Dream Night)ღ Gradient combination of brown with black

ღ(Moon Surface)ღ Inspired by the surface of the moon

ღ(Forest Night)ღ Inspired by the night of the forest with a mixture of pink and black colors

◈ Each skin has a different fingerprint with design, colors, location of the data

◈ The weather has been added to the infobar & channel selection as a standalone …. It doesn’t require installing any weather plugins and only needs to do settings by choosing your city through the taem plugins

By following the steps:

☞ Login to the TeamNitro plugin, then go to the MSNweather feature


☞ Menu button – blue

☞ Find your city location at the bottom

☞ Select Yes to send the converter to its path

☞ Press the green button to save

After restarting, you will find the weather displayed correctly with the weather icon





wget -O - | /bin/sh