[SKIN] Bianca FHD for OpenATV

Welcome to Bianca Fhd

This is my second attempt to create a skin , this time with a light based theme .

The skin was designed for Openatv 6.4 (I’m not obsessed with updates while things are still working perfectly ) if anyone has the time and the desire to make it py3 compatible , feel free to participate as soon as it’s released .

Note : some screens like Channel selection , Graphical EPG, and Vertical EPG needs manual adjustments .( Row numbers , Channel name width,etc. )

Channel selection :

Show columns 325 pixels wide

Number of rows to show 10

Multiselection (Single EPG) :

Number of rows to show 10

Vertical EPG (picture in EPG NO ) :
Number of rows to show 5


Channel title format : channel name

Number of rows to show :8

Visible time range :120 minutes