[IMAGE] OpenVision 10.2 R386 for DM920 UHD 4K

– OE update

– GCC 10.3.0

– Python 3.9.4

– Update FFmpeg 4.4 to the latest stable git

– RPi kernel 5.10.27

– Pre-install edicombo tuner driver for all needed hardwares

– OWIF for Open Vision

– Network drivers added to our feeds (optional via

– bootlogos path changed to /usr/share/enigma2/

– DVB drivers added to our feeds

– Better IPTV support with recent packages

– xml frequency updates thanks to petrkr

– Update UPX 4 to the latest git

– SH4 driver updates by Audioniek

– SH4 (fulan) vfd fix by wu-li


– Introduce getDBoxLCD for (both branding and module)

– Allow for multiple bootlogo locations and also cleanup

– Improve debug log management by IanSav

– FastScan fixes

– Optimise and clean up code by IanSav

– Fix list by norhap

– Massive clean up by IanSav

– SHIFT button removed from remotes except dmm remotes

– sf8008 and zgemma3 new remotes with new standards by IanSav

Just for your information we do skip all PLi scaling functions and those are not available in OV as we will come up with a better solution soon!

NB! feed changed:

GStreamer – 1.18.4-r0 (stable)

python – 2.7.18-r0

GCC – 10.3-r0

Glibc – 2.33-r0

OpenSSL – 1.1.1k-r0

Busybox – 1.33.0-r0

FFmpeg – 4.4-r0 (latest stable)

exteplayer3 – 68

wget – 1.21.1-r0

curl – 7.76.0-r0

GnuTLS – 3.7.1-r0

Binutils – 2.36-1

Login details:

Username: root

Password: openvision




Login details:

Username: root

Password: openvision