IMAGESOS nino plus

[IMAGE] OpenDroid 7.0 for Edision OS nino plus

The new version 7.0 is much more complete, we have created a brand new enigma2 structure different from the previous version!
This image was built on the oe-alliance 4.4

image 7.0 is much faster and more fluid, many errors have been corrected. This new enigma2 is oriented towards always being at the forefront of new technology. the new 7.0 has a brand new Graphicsand leaves behind the now obsolete version 6.8

. We invite you to test it in all its parts and if you encounter any errors, please let us know in this forum. Thanks to all the Betatesters who helped build this wonderful image. Without them we will never be able to publish something new! in particular we thank Formiano, Gimsy, GioppyGio, stein17, adam41259, raffsif, casinista, MCelliotG, blasfemo, sharing0, samkooke7, oscar333 and finally we thank many other staff members and all those who support their contributions every day to maintain this wonderful OpenDroid project !

Notice! All Osc@mSmartcard config go to/etc/tuxbox
Bitbake 1.37 > Bitbake 1.40.0
Dropbear 2018.76 > 2019.78-r0
Libc6 Update 2.2.6 > 2.30
libgcc1 > 9.2.0
libstdc++6 9.2.0-r0
gibc 2.2.8
Openssl 1.0.2q > 1.0.2r-r0
Openssh 7.9
Busybox 1.29 > 1.31.0-r0.3
Samba 4.6.7 > 4.10.8-r0
Nfs Utils 2.1.1 > Nfs Utils 2.3.1
Reader 20191011-r0
Gcc 6.3.0 > 9.20 compiler
Python 2.7.15 > 2.7.16-r0
cronie 1.5.4-r0
New! enigma2 structure
Changed BluPanel structure
Changed Green Panel structure
Changed multiboot structure
Changed GStreamer 1.15.2 >
Add Support Hitube4k
Add Support osmio4k +
Add new Skin FHD Multibox by stein17
Add Network Password
Add Start wizard Password setup
Add lab multibox skin for translate
Add sleep mode device for HiSilicon sata3
Add getDisplayType
Add display panel model box
Add a new screen for timezone setting
Add skin info
Fix skin OPD-BlueLine
Fix snr DVB-T2/C SF8008
Fix visible buttons on the skin UHD in MultiBootWizard
Fix name dev in MultiBootSelector
Fix keymap
Fix ClientsStreaming
Fix Button Setup
Fix processor temp
Fix audioselection
Fix NextTimes
Fix Keyboard and Language
Fix EPG Search
Fix Slotid
Fix Select what you want the YELLOW-Long button to activate
Fix eServiceReference
Fix NameError: global name ‘twoLines’ is not defined
Fix ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘setPixmapFromFile’
Fix Password-Change NameError: global name ‘elf’ is not defined
Fixed Various Bugs!!
Update OPDBoot
update hdmicec
Update bootlogo 7.0
Update Ipk tools recompiled
Update GioppyGio settings & picons plugin v.2.3
Update varius plugins
Update FolderSize
Updateand changed structure Software Manager
Update the IT language
Update flashOnline
update imageBackup
Update Unicable
Update VirtualKeyBoard
update dinobot snr Value
Delete MultiBootStartup